Regular good ol' weekend

Best thing about this coming weekend is that there are no planes flying above us nor ferris wheels spinning in close proximity. Just a regular good Detroit weekend. (Although, Pat Benatar is playing tonight in front of the Ren Cen, which is pretty sweet.)

We have 2 tours this weekend, a 2-hour one on Saturday and a 3-hour one on Sunday. Both start at 1 p.m. and we can accommodate one rider to ten! Check out more information on our tours page.

A weekly night ride has its debut Wednesday, July 2 at 9 p.m. It's not an official Wheelhouse ride, just a group gathering at the shop to kick things off. We'll cap off the night at our friendly local pub, Andrew's on the Corner.

Oh, last thing, if you haven't been in the shop in a while, it might be worth it to come by and check out our stock. We have more and more retail goodies every week, and we even have a couple of Kona Smokes to sell (see previous post).