Odds & Ends

Our first Wednesday night ride went off well, we toured West and Indian Villages. This week, the plan is to hit the Heidelberg Project and the Better Made factory. Meet us at the shop at 9 if you'd like to join. We got all of our bikes licensed, and are currently working with DPD to even sell them here. Although we still have a fear, like many of the people we talk to, that licenses will be used for harassment rather than for the stated purpose of reducing bike theft, but we can only hope. And we've been talking to a lot of officers, all of whom feel like ticketing suburbanites -- or residents for that matter -- without licenses is just not going to happen. It's not worth a trip to court for a ticket that will likely get thrown out.

On that note, we will be offering 10% off any safety equipment purchases (helmets, mirrors, bells, lights, etc.) and a free safety inspection for everyone with a licensed bicycle through July 19.

Wheelhouse was featured in Twist last weekend, the Freep's women-oriented pullout. Check it here.

Lastly, we are thrilled that a customer of ours, Stephanie, learned how to ride a bike this past weekend after just her second rental. It's hard to learn new things as an adult, so we sincerely congratulate her! She ended up having a blast after some initial trepidation. And we have the video to prove it!