Ride Reports

Three rides went off this week worth noting:

  • Our fourth Wednesday night ride hit Brush Park, Wayne State, Woodbridge and North Corktown, across the cool corkscrew pedestrian bridge and then - bam - right up to the gaping hole at Tiger Stadium. highly recommended perspective for maximum emotional impact. We finished up by riding down the "old" riverwalk that runs between Rosa Parks and 8th. Remember, 9 p.m. every Wednesday at the Wheelhouse
  • The Bike Riders United victory ride on Friday toured downtown with approximately 25 riders - including Chief of Police Ella Bully-Cummings. Check out m-bike's slideshow. Next step: drafting language to amend the city's bike licensing ordinance.
  • On Saturday, Karen rode in the send-off for Rock CF's City to City Ride. After coffee at Campus Martius, about 30 cyclists headed down Michigan Ave. to send off Emily and Kevin to Chicago. Be sure to check in to Rock CF's site to read about their progress!