This weekend's tours

Wheelhouse goes eastside this weekend with two great tours. Saturday, we'll take off from the shop at 10 a.m. and tour the lower eastside community of Creekside. There are amazing riverside parks, charming houses, meandering canals, brick streets and some new developments as well. The ride is about 15 miles and we'll be back to Wheelhouse by 1 p.m. including a rest stop.

Saturday's ride is being dubbed the Colin Hubbell Memorial Ride; Colin was an avid cyclist and was on the board of Creekside CDC, our community partner for the ride.

Sunday, gear up for a tour of the Conner Creek Greenway. The 25-miler will take in the Better Made Chip Factory, the existing and proposed segments of the Greenway, Norris Town and the Dorais Velodrome; lunch at the historic Two-Way  Inn is included. (Read about Norris Town and the Two Way here and about the velodrome here.)

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