Bikes in the (Wheel)house

We are really stepping up our efforts to sell more new bikes this year. Here's what we have on hand at the moment. The Cykel 3

This bike is really classic looking and, dare we say, dignified. It's three speeds -- All you really need around here!

Lugged steel frame, coil-spring leather saddle, and North Road style handlebar,  internally geared shifting system and easy to use twist shifter.

Retails for $400.

Sun Drifter 7

This bike's retro styling is great to look at, but one of the best things about this bike is the Foot-Forward design, which means that your foot will be flat when you are stopped at a light. This is a 7-speed aluminum bike with grip twist shifting. Comfy seat.

Note: We have this bike in a blue female version. It is also available in many other colors and a mens' version as well. If you like the concept, we can order the exact model you prefer and have it to you in a week!

Retails for $375.

Sun Big Cruz

We like this bike's simplicity: single speed, coaster brakes combined with tough construction and straight-forward looks. Plus, 29-inch wheels.

Retails for $330.

Remember, any bike brand that we carry — Surly, Kona, Sun and Cykel — we are able to order at any time. So if you enjoy the Kona Smokes that we rent, we will happily order you a 2009 version!