We'll miss you, MJ

Everyone at the Wheelhouse is bummin' about the passing of Michael Jackson. In tribute, we've compiled a list of our staff's fave songs, videos and/or Michael Jackson memory. Ron is all about pre-solo Michael Jackson. Here's a video of  "I Want You Back."



My first full-length cassette tape was "Thriller." Last night, me, Rex & Mike took a ride up to the Motown Museum to pay tribute and check out the scene and it was off the chain. A guy danced "Billie Jean" step for step how Michael did it at the Motown 25th Anniversary Special. On the sidewalk in front of Motown. It was awesome.

Pic of my blinged up bike at Motown:


Fave song:  "Human Nature," I forgot how much I loved this song until going through almost the entire MJ catalog last night at Jay's.


And, for good measure, a video of said Motown special. First moonwalk ever!



I can't pick a favorite song, but my fave video is "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough."


I never really got over the fact that Bridget Selasky got to see Michael at the Silverdome when I was in second grade, but I tell you that I DID rock that red zipper jacket from K-Mart till way after it didn't fit me anymore. He is the best. I mean, I love dancing and he was there from the start. I used to tape his music off of Soul Train when I was 4.

Lisa adds a vote for "Don't Stop," and Alex weighs in with "Man in the Mirror."