We Like Bike!

42 Below Vodka is sponsoring the 42Ride, in which -- you guessed it -- 42 cyclists are riding across the country from NYC to LA. The 21 riders that are taking a northern route were in Detroit last night, and we met up with them at their visit to CityFest. What a great group of people. Alex almost took off with them, we're pretty sure. We were particularly excited to meet Jacquie Phelan, three-time NORBA champ, member of both the US Bicycling AND Mountain Bike Hall of Fames and founder of WOMBATS (Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society), a group that works to increase the number of women in the sport of mountain biking. Us being a female-owned shop and she being an outspoken advocate for women in the sport of cycling, well, we hit it off. Hopefully we'll be seeing her back in Detroit soon!

Read more about Jacquie at her blog.

Safe riding to all the 42Riders! We hope you enjoyed your stay in the D!