It's more fun than it looks!

Karen & Kelli are big about talking the FUN aspect of cycling. It's not all about calories and cadence, spandex and Slipstream. Biking is good for you and for the environment but, as far as we are concerned, it's a really good time. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful attorney, Steve Roach, who is with Miller Canfield and is also the Region 1 Rep for the League of Michigan Bicyclists. He is a great guy (with an exceedingly dry sense of humor and a penchant for spandex) who we love. He is a regular Grosse Pointe-to-Downtown bike commuter, and interviewed him and shot a video of him commuting.


Motorists may pity the cyclists they pass, especially when it's clear the folks on the bike are not on their way to pick up ice cream. Those who choose to commute by bicycle may strike drivers as masochists, weird fitness freaks or possibly suicidal.

It probably never occurs to the people behind the wheel that the people straddling the wheels are having a good time.

A really good time: "If you get any sort of aerobic exercise, you get enough endorphins you get like a buzz," said Steven Roach, two-wheeled commuter.

Check out the full story here and, in the accompanying video, watch him talk about his helmet and components before getting down to the good stuff: riding!