Misc. Bloggage

Just a few notes for the week:

  • We are launching a Featured Item of the Week that will be broadcast to our Facebook Fans. The item will be on sale and will be a product that we heartily recommend -- as in, we use it and believe in it. This week it's a light set, but you have to become our Fan to get all the deets!
  • Ladies, the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals has launched a survey called "Writing Women Back into Bicycling: Changing Transportation Culture to Encourage More Women to Cycle More Places More Often." Here's what they have to say:
  • While it is an exciting time in the U.S. as many new bicycling projects are being installed, women continue to participate in bicycling at lower rates than men.  We are conducting a survey of women and girls  to hear from them about the many possible factors influencing their cycling decisions.  Take the survey (open until May 15, 2010 – women and girls only please) at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/womencycling. We would like to hear from non-cyclists as well as current and past cyclists.  Final results will be available after May 15, during National Bike Month.

  • We got some nice coverage in Real Detroit Weekly!
  • Extensive bike riding in a city that centers around the fundamental tenets of car manufacturing is, of course, no small feat of accomplishment. But encouraging riding as a form of personal transportation and fostering a more healthy community identity are some of the core principles practiced by the owners of Wheelhouse Detroit, along with the shop’s devoted following of wheelie worshiping disciples. The Detroit biking tours, especially, are a landmark way for Detroit area dwellers to step off the confines of their front porches and really take in the classic, pristine beauty of some of Detroit’s forgotten architectural majesty.

    Check it out here.