Parking info

Due to construction on Atwater Street, our parking lot is currently not available. If you are coming by for a longer visit, we suggest locating street parking (try Woodbridge), or parking in the Beaubien Place Garage or a General Motors surface lot (details below). The Beaubien Place Garage is open 24 hours a day and is located near the Renaissance Center on Beaubien between Jefferson & Atwater.

Rates: Mon.-Fri.: $3 per hr./Maximum daily rate of $12 Sat., Sun. & Holidays: $3 per hr./Maximum daily rate of $6

How to get from the Beaubien Place Garage to the Wheelhouse……we suggest walking along the Riverwalk!  Simply exit the garage, walk towards the river and head onto the Riverwalk, turn left (heading east) and we are about 3 blocks up.   For a map and walking instructions, please click here!

There is a General Motors surface lot at the intersection of St. Antoine & Atwater, which is two blocks west of the shop. It has a maximum rate of $3, so it is cheaper and closer than the Beaubien Place Garage...but it is not always open on the weekends. So you might want to try it first and if it's not open, use the garage just one block west.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, and feel free to call us with any questions. Kelli + Karen 313.656.2453