We have been bad about blogging. Here are a few tidbits for now.

  • Detroit is a lesser place for having lost Woody Miller, cyclist, arts advocate, all-around great guy. Services for Woody were held out of state, but there will be a memorial in Detroit. We will post info about that when we receive it. Our thoughts are with his family.
  • A couple of people on our tours turned around and blogged about it. (Thanks!) If you were ever curious about them, perhaps this will give you an idea.

This past weekend Jenni, Mallory and I took a 3 hour bike tour of Southwest Detroit through the Wheelhouse Detroit.  It was a Groupon we purchased a couple months ago.  It was really interesting to ride bikes through the city with the marketing director for Southwest Detroit.  She knew about the history, the culture and of course, all the authentic restaurants to eat at.

We rode by Grand Central Station [sic], which serves as the gateway between Corktown and Mexicantown; Motz’s for Sliders and through Historic Fort Wayne.

Read the entire post at marialaitan.com.

Next up, we had a few Grand Rapidites ride on our Urban Agriculture tour.

Nicknamed "The Motor City", Detroit isn't typically regarded as a hotspot for bikers.  But during an urban agriculture bike tour with Wheelhouse Detroit yesterday, we learned that things aren't always what they seem.  Also known as a shrinking city, we all know that Detroit has been struggling to deal with a large exodus- around 30% of Detroit homes are now vacant.  Some pretty interesting things have resulted from the vacancy though- abandoned homes are being used as centers for local artists, empty lots are being cultivated by neighborhoods to create a new food system "from farm to fork", and quieter streets are great for an emerging year-round bike scene.  A two hour bike tour with Wheelhouse was the perfect way to experience all of this and we wanted to share it with you.

Turns out this blogger is behind Teamwork Bags, a line we are looking at carrying in the shop. Thanks for the pics and love! Read through the whole post here.

  • Speaking of tours, we have 3 this weekend: Gallery Scene Friday at 5:30 with stops at MOCAD, Detroit Artists Market and Ellen Kayrod Gallery. If you are a fan of Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Shop on Facebook, this tour will run you just $10! Call 313-656-2453 to reserve at this special price. Saturday morning, we head out to Del Ray -- there are only 3 spots left on this one -- and Sunday afternoon, Historic Churches, which is sold out. Check out our full schedule at www.wheelhousedetroit.com/tours.