Bikes In-Stock

Folks, here is the price list of bikes we currently have in stock at our Compuware Holiday Pop-Up Shop. These are new 2010 and 2011 bikes that are waaaaay marked down.

Origin 8 Cutler 7 56cm $280 (Black, 7-Speed)
Origin 8 Cutler 56 cm $250 (Grey, Single Speed)
Sun Drifter $360 (Blue, 7-Speed)
Sun Trike $370 (Pearl White, Single Speed)
Origin 8 Folding Bike $320 (Black/Gold, 7-Speed)
Origin 8 Brutus  $450 (Dark Blue, Single/Fixed)
Kona Dew $399 (Maroon, 46cm)
Kona Jake $699 (Grey/Blue, 58cm)
Kona Smoke $360 (Black, 22-inch)
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