Bikes for Sale at the WH

We are just getting our 2012 bikes in for sale...Here is a rundown of what we have at the moment. Konas are due in next week.

From Sun Bikes:

Origin8 Cutler. This bike has won us over with its steady handling and recession-friendly pricing. Black 7-Speed $330 - 47, 52, 56, 59 cm in stock; Grey Single Speed $300 56 cm in stock.

Origin8 Folding Bike. 3-Speed In Stock. Perfect for a boat or a frequent traveler!$369

Origin8 Bully. 7-Speed 20". Aggressive styling with a compact design for easy in-and-out of your apartment, house or office.$359

Cruz 7. 7-Speed cruiser in a sharp orange! 18 in$349

Drifter. Classic styling belies its ultra-light frame. Best of both worlds. $360. 16" female frame in stock in pink. 7 speeds.

And, left over from 2011:

Origin8 Brutus. Enormous 700x40 tires. Flip-flop hub. Battleship navy blue roughed-up paint job. $499SALE PRICE: $375 - 54 cm in stock.