Holiday Gift Guide: Party Biker

Some people know how to bring the party with them wherever they go. And some people do so on a bike, so offer kudos to your special unicorn with a gift that accessorizes their flair for life.

  1. Walnut Studiolo Six Pack Frame Cinch - Handcrafted out of American leather, this accessory makes it a cinch for your Party Biker to transport a 6 pack of their favorite suds. $36

  2. Outdoor Tech Turtle 3.0 - Small and powerful; waterproof (it floats!) and shockproof; this bluetooth speaker will be anyones new best friend. Did we mention it also serves as power bank and you can charge any micro usb device with it? $99.95

  3. Green Guru Townie Touring Handlebar Cooler - Transport your lunch or a 6-pack of cans in this insulated beauty made from upcycled bike tubes. $38

  4. Park Tool BO-2 - This bottle opener is built to perform under the most demanding conditions; a perfect complement to any tool collection. $6.26

  5. Monkey Light M232 - Stay visible and bring the party (thousands of patterns and 42 themes) to your next group ride. Waterproof, up to 20 hours of runtime, and 32 full color LEDs (200 lumens). Made in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty. $59.99

  6. Microism Publishing Stickers - Get sassy and say it with a sticker! $2

  7. Cosmic Brightz - Stay visible and turn your bike into the disco. Available in green, blue, red, and pink. $12.99

  8. Microism Publishing Pins - A fun and silly way to express your feels. $2

  9. Bikase Superband - Transport anything on your bike from a speaker to a cell phone; a juice pack  or maybe a sausage; CO2 pump, light jacket, sunglasses; the possibilities are endless for only $19.99

  10. Walnut Studiolo Bottle Belts - Transport a bottle of wine or spirits on your top tube with these handcrafted leather belts. $36

  11. King Cage Oliver Flask Cage - Handcrafted in Colorado, we can't guarantee that these are legal but they’re definitely fun and will accommodate any 8 oz. flask. $22

  12. Trixie & Milo Stainless Steel 8 oz. Flask - Makes a great partner for the King Cage Oliver or your back pocket. $29

  13. Delta Cargo Net - Stretch web secures varied load sizes and hard to hold items. $8.99