Gift Guide: Noob

This buddy just got a bike this summer, so the best gifts ever will be geared towards gearing them up!

  1. Lights - Headlights and taillights are an important accessory that every bike rider should have (legally) on their steed. Be seen and be safe! Pictured above is Planet Bike’s Beamer 1 + Blinky 3 durable cycling safety set that you can snag for $30 with a lifetime warranty. We carry both headlights, tail lights, and sets ranging from $10-$139.

  2. Portable Pump - A must have for your tool kit on the bike. If you catch a flat, this (pictured) Crank Bros. Sterling Pump can and will be your best friend. We have an assortment of other portable pumps from Planet Bike, Zefal, and Topeak $24.99-$42.95

  3. Tire Levers - These trusty little levers will help you get them tight tires off without damaging your rim. $3.99-$6.49

  4. Multi-Tools - Perfect in any tool denomination for any biker! These mini multi tools range from 6-18 bike specific tools (e.g. allen wrenches, phillips/flat head screwdrivers, chain tools, etc.). $9.95-32.95

  5. U-Locks - Keep that bike safe! We highly recommend u-locks for urban and suburban riders alike. All of the u-locks we stock come with a theft insurance program that protects your investment anywhere from $500-$4500 with a simple registration on their websites. We carry Kryptonite and OnGuard locks ranging from $26.95-$143.95

  6. Saddle Bags - Commonly referred to as “Seat Bags,” these bags (that fit conveniently under your saddle) make carrying a mini tool kit easy and fun. We stock different brands to fit a ton of personalities: Green Guru, Timbuk2, Jandd, & Sherpani ranging from $16.95-$28

  7. Floor Pumps - Give the gift of less flats and an overall better riding experience! Pumping up is at least a once a week ritual if you plan on riding everyday. If you don’t bike daily and are more of a few times a month kind of rider, we recommend that you inflate before every ride. We carry Joe Blow, Topeak, Park Tool, and Pedros. $34.95-$49.69

  8. Helmets - Brains before beauty! We stock a helmet for everyone’s tastes in a range of different colors and styles (e.g. BMX, retro, sport). $28.99-$99.00