Holiday Gift Guide: Kiddo

One of the best things about riding a bike as an adult is that it reminds you what it's like being a kid. So bike-related gifts are a no-brainer for the kids in your life!

  1. Dimension and Sunlite Streamers - Add some swingin’, swayin’ sparkly flair to your kids’ bike. Remember how much we used to (okay, we still do) love ‘em? Some things never change. $5.99-$6.99

  2. Giro Helmet - Protect those growing noggins and help your kids look cool while doing it. Pictured is the Giro Scamp. Also available: Infant and youth helmets in all sizes by Bell and Triple 8; everything from birds to robots! $30-$4

  3. Tire Sparx & Stem Sparx - Simple way to add visibility and fun to any bike. Lights attach directly to valve stem and light up with motion. Tire Sparx available in green, blue, red, red/white/blue. Stem Sparx create 6 different light patterns. $9.99-$18.59

  4. Sunlite Squeeze Horns - Awesome way to let someone know that you’re behind them on the Riverwalk; Available in Aliens(pictured), Sharks, Lions, Parrots, Cows, Tigers, Turtles, Whales, Gators, and even the almighty T-Rex! $9.99

  5. Trick Topz Valve Caps - Another great way to give any bicycle personality. Available in Skulls, Soccer Balls, Grenades, Dice, and more! Makes great stocking stuffers. $7

  6. Peterboro Basket Co. - These tiny baskets are designed and perfect for kids bikes. This New Hampshire company has been crafting the world’s finest handmade baskets since 1854. You’re definitely getting what you pay for. $3

  7. Dimension Bells - A unique staple to any bike lovers stocking; these bells all have their own individual tone and come in an array of exciting items. Soccer Balls, Baseballs, Hot Peppers, Hamburgers, Compasses, and Tea Pots, just to name a few. $6.99-9.99

  8. See ‘Em Mini LED Spoke Lights - Simple snap on and go design, easily replaceable batteries included, and waterproof. 4 included in one package $1

  9. Bluetooth Sonkia Bicycle Speaker - A cool techy gift that won’t break the bank and mounts to any size handlebars. Allows user to connect speaker directly to an mp3 player or phone. Also reads sim cards if ya have an old one lying around from your ancient phone and you want your kids to listen to audiobooks or your favorite 90s albums.  $35.99

  10. Oury Grips - Used by Pros and amateurs alike. Available in a rainbow of colors to fit BMX or any flat/riser handlebars. Made in the USA! $12.99-$14.99

  11. Training Wheels - Have a sweet hand-me-down ride  for your kiddo? Outfit it with a set of training wheels to give them that extra boost of confidence when first starting out. Available in 12”-20”. $15-$30

  12. Kryptonite Cable Combo Lock - A great way to introduce theft protection. 4 digit re-settable combination is perfect for locking up outside of the school or a quick run into the store for candy. $27.45

  13. Black Ops Dual Core & Knurled Pro Axle Pegs - Let’s be real, we all want pegs on our bikes to haul our friends around. If you didn’t have them on your 20” bike, you wanted them so, give the kids what they want. $12-$24

  14. Clean Motion Bike Vase - Awesome accessory for any bike. Flower included or you can use your own fresh cut! $9.99