Coming Soon: Wheelhouse Detroit: Hamtramck!

We are so excited to announce that Wheelhouse Detroit will be opening a second location in Hamtramck this spring, with a target Grand Opening date of mid-May.

Owner Kelli Kavanaugh is personally excited to join the community of Hamtramck. "I lived there in the late 90's, and have always really felt at home there," she says. "I value the diversity of both the residential and business community, and it's fantastic to see all the investment currently happening -- like Detroit City Football Club, Bumbo's, Bon Bon Bon, Better Life Bags and Bank Suey -- and be near all the great longtime businesses, like Strodek's and Polish Village Cafe."

More quotes from some media coverage:

From Model D:

"We see the two Wheelhouse locations complementing one another," [owner Kelli] Kavanaugh says. "The Riverfront spot will continue to be the anchor for Greater Downtown residents and workers and will serve as the primary spot for tours and rentals. Our Hamtramck location offers more retail space to increase our inventory of bicycles, accessories, gear, clothing and a large service department, while serving Hamtramck and surrounding Detroit neighborhoods."

From Curbed Detroit:

Wheelhouse is working with numerous local businesses on the expansion, including Christian-Hurttienne Architects; building owner John Grossi of Amicci’s Pizza; neon designer Signifier Signs; apparel-maker William+Bonnie; and web designer The Work Department. The growth is made possible with the assistance of Invest Detroit’s Urban Retail Loan Fund and Technical Assistance Grant.

Wheelhouse will be Hamtramck’s only bike shop, and is located on the Inner Circle Greenway. The 26-mile pathway will encircle the city of Detroit while passing through Hamtramck, Highland Park, and a little bit of Dearborn.

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