9 days & counting...

Every day brings Wheelhouse closer to fruition. It's both scary & exciting! We're busy sending things off to the printer and placing orders for retail, service and rental inventory. Our Africa Bikes are traveling cross country as we speak!

The worst part about opening up a bike shop is less time to ride bikes. But Wheelhouse took last night off from obsessive computer-ing...Karen celebrated her birthday and Kelli caught a Tigers game.

Busy Weekend

We painted the store's interior this weekend and some killer graphics are being installed this week. Plus, construction is starting on our work benches and counter. Our carpenter, PT, did a lot of the work at the Park Bar, which has amazing woodwork. We've also ordered our bikes, custom water bottles and employee shirts. Next up: ordering our service parts, tools and retail stock. If you have any ideas of what you'd like to be able to buy at the Wheelhouse, here is your chance to make an early request. We can't promise we can get what you need, but we will sure try our best.