New to Wheelhouse: USED BIKES!

The additional floor space we now are luxuriating in at Wheelhouse Detroit - Hamtramck means that we are able to add used bikes to our array of offerings. What does this mean for our customers? That we will be able to offer more quality bikes at even more affordable prices! 

Some quick facts about our used bike program:

  • With a few exceptions, the used bikes we carry will be targeted specifically towards the urban rider.
  • We are sweeping the state for great deals on well-maintained unique bikes with quality components. Think Raleigh, Cannondale, OG Schwinn, Trek, Specialized, etc. You are not going to find Big Box reboots.
  • Some of our rental fleet will become available for purchase.
  • All bikes will receive a thorough going over by a professional mechanic prior to being offered for sale.
  •  Just like with our new bikes, all used bike purchases will come with a complimentary tune-up that can be used at any time ($50 value).
  • This one is important: We are committed to stocking quality used bikes from legitimate sources at a fair market price. What does this mean? This is not a pawn shop. We will not be taking bikes of questionable provenance EVER. 


If you are interested in trading in your bike towards the purchase of a new one, we can talk! We do ask that you provide proof of purchase or that the bike is registered with the City of Detroit or the City of Hamtramck and that the bike is one that was purchased at an IBD (independent bicycle dealer AKA a bike shop) not a big box store. We are not trying to be bike snobs, but we are also committed to quality.

You may as well know upfront that you should not expect to receive store credit equal to the resale value of the bike. As with most consignment-type operations, our internal costs must be accounted for, including staff time (both mechanic and administrative), insurance, taxes, and much, much more. If you are looking for the most cash possible out of your bike, by all means take it to Craigslist. But we promise to be fair and help you chip away at the purchase price of the bike of your dreams!

To see what we currently have available in terms of used bikes, check out our website. Questions? Email us at