Do you fix bikes?
Absolutely! Our bike techs are really good at it, too!

Do you fix E bikes?
Yes! We have experience with Bosch Motors. Most E bike repairs will require drop-off and a custom estimate. We do not work on add-on motors or gas motors due to liability issues; we do reserve the right to refuse work on any E bike, however.

How much is a tune-up and what do you do?
A standard tune up is $60. It includes a brake adjustment, gear adjustment, slight wheel true and we tighten and lube all the moving parts of the bike. This is recommended to be done once a year.

What is a tune up plus?
It includes everything a standard tune up entails and we will also clean and tighten the bottom bracket, take the wheels off the bike and true them on the stand, replace all cables and housing, and replace front and rear brake pads.

I just need one simple service performed on my bike, can you give me a price?
Surely. All of our service prices can be be found HERE.

How long will it take to service my bike?
1-7 days. We service bikes in the order that they are received. Very minor repairs, such as changing out a flat or a brake or gear adjustment, we will do our best to accomplish same-day. However, we can never ever guarantee on-the-spot service.

If your repair requires a special order part, we will call you for approval prior to going ahead with it. We do receive special orders weekly, so we are still able to turn this around in a week or less.

I bought a bicycle on the internet and I don’t know how to assemble it, can you help?
Yes! Our bicycle assembly fee starts at $65. You will be responsible for all manufacturer and warranty communication issues. We do reserve the right to bill for additional hours of consultation as necessary.

I want my bike disassembled to take out of state, how much does that cost? Also, do you ship bikes?
Bike disassembly is $65; for an extra $15, we can package it and box it up for you. Most people choose to arrange their own bike shipping — we recommend using shipbikes or bikeflights. We are able to arrange shipping for the cost of shipping plus an administrative fee.

I have no time or no vehicle to get my bike to you for repair. Can you help?
No doubt. Email us at to arrange for a service pick-up and/or drop-off.