HEAD’S UP! Architectural Detail

New for 2019! This unique tour focuses on the intricate heads and figures that Detroit’s architecture features in spades — some of which is not easily visible to the naked eye! We have been collecting binoculars for use on this tour (or you can bring your own) and will be checking out numerous examples of ornate form-based ornamentation (ie, heads, faces, and bodies of humans, animals, and gargoyles) located in several neighborhoods, including New Center, Cultural Center, Cass Park, Downtown, and Brush Park). Highlights include the Fisher Building, Maccabees Building, Masonic Temple, Book Tower, Free Press Building, and Buhl Building. Lots of other points of interest will be showcased as well. Perfect for architecture aficionados, bird-watchers, and other lovers-of-details!
Ride Distance: 12 miles
Ride Length: 3 hours
Cost: $35/$45 with bike rental
2019 Architecture Schedule: 06/22 10am, 07/06 10am
Tour Start/Finish Location: Wheelhouse Detroit - Rivertown

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