February 27-March 9 | Specials incl. 6 Bikes Marked Down


Hamtramck’s got a ton of fun stuff going on in the coming weeks, and we are getting in on the fun by offering some specials. These deals will run from February 27 through March 9.

  1. All tune-up packages, including Standard (Reg. $60) and Plus (Reg. $100), are $10 off. For details on what these entail, head right over HERE.

  2. All William + Bonnie cycling apparel is 50% off, including ponchos, skirts, dresses, and pants. (Reg. $85-125 / Sale $43-63). For more info about the clothing, which is locally produced, read about it HERE.

  3. All in-stock tires are 20% off. We’ve got a huge range of sizes and price points available.

  4. Six awesome bikes have been significantly marked down. Details on those pictured, clockwise from bottom left, are:

Kona Paddy Wagon
The three-speed internal hub on the Paddy Wagon 3 has one gear for all-out speed, one for casual riding, and another for grunty little hill climbs that pop up along the way. Match that to a cromoly frame that will take a beating and last forever, and classy touches, like the downtube shifter and integrated brake lever bell, and you’ll be loving each and every ride.
Reg. $699; Sale Price $599 56cm

Detroit Bikes C-Type
Single-speed flip-flop hub. Detroit-made. Chromoly frame. Drop handlebars. Knobby tires. Limited run.
Org. $699; Now $450

Sun Fritz 5
Wherever your journeys take you, Sun's Fritz 5 gets you around with ease thanks to its relaxed, comfortable ride. A 5-speed internal hub provides ample gearing for cruising around town, and front and rear fenders ensure a splash-free commute. When running errands, a rear rack and kickstand add urban utility, and lightweight aluminum rims mounted with wide street tires provide nimble handling to get you home safely.
Reg. $540; Sale Price $465

Opus Classico
Light-weight, classic city bike styling. Fenders, chain guard, and rack come with.
Reg. $529; Sale Price $454

Opus Flux
Opus is a Canadian company that makes some pretty sweet bikes. The Flux has 29" tires and a front fork for some suspension along with stop-on-a-dime disc brakes. This is basically a mountain bike made for city streets.
Reg. $789; Sale Price $689

Kona Lana’i
The heart of a mountain biker and the versatility to do it all are at the core of the Lana’i. Built with a philosophy of making the right bike for the right user, the Lana’i hits the trail with a 27.5-inch wheel and a lightweight aluminum frame. Whether it be gravel paths, light singletrack, or just getting around town, the Lana’i is your entry to adventure.
Reg. $529; Sale Price $479; Size XL; Color Charcoal

All new bikes purchased from the Wheelhouse come with a complimentary tuneup, water bottle, and bottle cage. Check out our many other fine options HERE.

Used Bikes & Trade-Ins

We know sometimes budgets are tight, so we work to provide quality used bikes at affordable prices to our customers.

Some quick facts about our used bike program:

  • With a few exceptions, the used bikes we carry will be targeted specifically towards the urban rider.

  • We are sweeping the state for great deals on well-maintained unique bikes with quality components. Think Raleigh, Cannondale, OG Schwinn, Bianchi, Trek, Specialized, etc. You are not going to find Big Box reboots.

  • Some of our rental fleet will become available for purchase.

  • All bikes will receive a thorough going over by a professional mechanic prior to being offered for sale.

  • This one is important: We are committed to stocking quality used bikes from legitimate sources at a fair market price. What does this mean? This is not a pawn shop. We will not be taking bikes of questionable provenance EVER. 

Want to trade in a bike for cash, credit, or towards the purchase of a new bike? Read ahead:

  • We do ask that you provide proof of purchase or that the bike is registered with the City of Detroit or the City of Hamtramck..

  • We require that the bike is one that was purchased at an IBD (independent bicycle dealer AKA a bike shop) not a big box store. We are not trying to be bike snobs, but we are also committed to quality.

  • You should know upfront that you should not expect to receive cash or credit equal to the resale value of the bike. As with most consignment-type operations, our internal costs must be accounted for, including staff time (both mechanic and administrative), insurance, taxes, and more. If you are looking for the most cash possible out of your bike, by all means take it to Craigslist. But we promise to be fair and help you chip away at the purchase price of the bike of your dreams!

To see what we currently have available in terms of used bikes, check out our website.

Questions? Email us at

Winter Gear Guide

A famous saying we like to parrot goes something like, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." It's probably Scandinavian in origin. 

To that end goal, we've stocked some killer-diller winter gear that can make your cold-weather rides a heck of a lot more enjoyable. And we encourage dog walkers, hikers, XC skiers, etc. to check out our goodies as well! What's warm is warm, right?


Plus, the FANTASTIC Turtlegloves! Michigan-made, these versatile fingerless flip gloves come in midweight ($28.99) and heavyweight ($39.99). Rumor has it Tati has figured out over a dozen ways to wear them. Practical for almost any winter outdoor activity.

Thanks to our photographer Tatiana and our model Tony!